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Shiatsu Bodywork for Animals

Animal massage is used to help animals with specific physical conditions, behavioral problems and for their general well being. It does not substitute for veterinarian care.  It acts as a helpful complement to other types of medicine and can sometimes reduce the need for extreme treatments.  Acupressure (finger pressure) has been used with animals for at least 4000 years in the East.  It unblocks and balances the bodyís vital life force known as Chi and thereby lets the body heal itself.  Chi flows through energy channels known as meridians.  Along the meridians are points where energy can become blocked.  Its flow can be freed and balance restored to the body.  Shiatsu is noninvasive and gentle.

People can play a vital role in helping their animals cope with chronic, degenerative diseases and during convalescence from some acute disease and surgery.  They can help to maintain better overall health and contentment in their animal companions.  And when the time comes, it can assist them to help their animal loved ones make a peaceful transition when they cross over.

The sessions are geared to teach people how to massage their animals at home. Animals are very receptive to shiatsu.  They understand the language of touch and are usually willing shiatsu recipients.  Working with your animals for their better health can create a closer partnership between you.

Ronni uses shiatsu, Reiki, soft fascia release and craniosacral therapies, as well as muscle and tissue massage when working with animals.  She also uses animal communication to relax them and to gather additional information.

Some benefits that can occur with Animal Shiatsu
  • Relieves muscle soreness and spasms, keeps joints well-lubricated and muscles strong and supple
  • Enhances mental clarity, focus and performance
  • Relieves some behavior problems associated with fear, anxiety, grief and sadness
  • Helps build self-confidence and emotional stability
  • Resolves injuries faster by removing toxins and increasing blood supply and energy flow
  • Helps convalescence from acute disease or surgery, including spaying and neutering
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Helps with arthritis and other chronic conditions, such as hip dysplasia
  • Reduces pain by releasing endorphins and swelling by releasing natural cortisone
  • Helps with digestive, respiratory and skin disorders
  • Can sometimes enhance hearing and vision
  • Assists in maintaining a state of health, a good level of energy and an overall sense of well being
  • Useful in first aid and trauma to reduce shock, bleeding and pain
  • Helps puppies relax, be willing to be trained, builds strong body and healthy constitution
  • Helps adopted dogs to be trusting and to change behavior patterns developed in their previous living situation
  • Enhances bond between you and your animal at all stages of his/her life
  • Eases the end-of-life transition for both you and your loved one
Call or email to schedule an appointment.

Clinics are available that can be held by your dog club or animal health fair.  Call or email to arrange details.